Fall and Thanksgiving Freebies!

Today I thought I would share some of the free fall and Thanksgiving printables we have tucked away here on the blog.  In this post you’ll find tons of resources for kids from ages 3 to 13!

Fall and Thanksgiving FREEBIES - Free pdf Printables

Over the years I’ve made various math worksheets, games and activities, language arts materials, a Spanish fall-themed freebie,  and other things that might be useful.

Click on the post links below if you are interested in printing out any of these free materials. Hope you find something your family can use!


If you click on the green links below, that will take you to the post where you can download these free pdf printables.

Free Fall Addition and Subtraction Worksheets

Free Fall Addition and Subraction WorksheetsFree Montessori Style Addition Worksheets (Double-Digit Addition)

Free Montessori Style Addition Worksheets

Free Fall Math Game Board – Use this game board for any type of math fact practice.  Take two cards, add them together (or multiply them together), move that many spaces around the board. Follow the directions on the space you land on (roll again, double it, move ahead three, etc.) and continue to do math fact problems until you can’t move any more (on a blank space or “stay put” space).  The first person to land on a WIN space – wins that round!  The negative numbers were for my daughter last year as she learned to add negative numbers together.  Just ignore those if you have younger kids! 🙂


Free Fall Skip Counting Mazes – 2s 3s 5s 10s

Fall Skip Counting Pages for 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s (Free)

FallSkipCountingPagesFree Fall Multiplication Worksheets 4s 6s 8s

Free Fall Multiplication Worksheets 4s 6s 8sFree Owl Printables

Free Owl Worksheets Printables Lapbook - Notebook Pages

Then and Now Printables: This set includes various items from the past and present… and are perfect if you are talking with your kids about the history of Thanksgiving!

If your kids are a little older they can try to figure out how long ago these items were used – back in colonial days (1620) or at the turn of the century (1900). If your kids are younger, there are separate matching pages for the colonial period and for the turn of the century.

Then and Now Worksheets - Items from the Past and Present

Free Native American Resources and Printables

This page has links to material I’ve made for the kids over the years. For a number of years, we studied one region & the Native Americans that lived there. Hope these are helpful!


Plains-Indians-WorksheetsThanksgiving Turkeys – Free Printable

Thanksgiving Turkeys Printable - Free

Contraction Matching Practice Cards- He’s They’re Can’t I’m etc.

Contraction Practice-Squirrel and Acorns-1
Free Multiplication by 6s Math Worksheets and Skip Counting Mazes: Fall Theme

Fall Multiplication and Division Worksheets (Free)


Fractions, Decimals, Percents Worksheets – Answer pages are included. 🙂

Fractions-and-Decimals-WorksheetsFree Spanish Worksheets for Kids: Fall Words and Colors


Free Fall Sight Word Games

Fall CVC Printable Packet – tic-tac-toe phonics game and more!


Preschool Apple Grid Game (PreK)

MathGridGame2-apples MathGridGame-ApplesThen Make Apple Muffins with this Yummy Apple Muffin Recipe!!

Apple Muffin Recipe
Free Fall-Themed Packets for Ages 3-6 (PreK-Gr. 1) This post has links to a dozen+ fun fall packets from all around the web – fall themes, leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows, dot-to-dots, and more!

Free Fall and Thanksgiving Packets and Printables

Fall Themed Craft: Spaghetti Tree

Fall and Thanksgiving Math Packs and Games (Free)

Science Activity for Kids With Indian Corn Decorations

Fun Fall Activities to Do with the Kids

I am Thankful – Writing Paper (and other Thanksgiving Freebies)


Alphabet Activities for 2-4 year olds (Free Alphabet Mats)


Free Preschool Printable – Words That Start with F and Thanksgiving Preschool Printables


Fall CVC Printable Packet – tic-tac-toe phonics game and more!

Thanksgiving Addition and Subtraction Worksheets (Free)

Thanksgiving Skip Counting Mazes 2s, 3s, 5s (Free)

Thanksgiving Math – Free Basic Addition and Number Family Sheets


Here’s a Thanksgiving Turkey Craft we once did with wax paper and melted crayons:

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Time for Pumpkin Muffins! (Our pumpkin muffin recipe.)

Pumpkin-Muffin-recipe-hsdThat’s about it for today!  Enjoy the change in seasons if you’re in the northern hemisphere!

P1230216FallLeavesByLieslHappy Homeschooling, everyone!!  ~Liesl

If you are a first-time visitor to our website, you might want to check out some of resource pages.  At the top of the blog (if you’re on a laptop/desktop) you’ll find some resource page tabs that will give you can scan through to see the types of resources we have (or click directly on the link below):

History and Science Units

early-elementary-science-topics Science Activities for Early Elementary

Creating Your Own Homeschool Curriculum: These are some resources I made that might be helpful as you create your own homeschool plans.  These are somewhere between 30 and 50 pages and are FREE to download:

Homeschool Curriculum Kindergarten Grade 1

Homeschool Science Curriculum Grade 2-3

Creating Your Own Homeschool Curriculum Grade 4 - 5

Homeschool Curriculum Grade 6-8

High School Homeschool Resource Guide - Subjects, Topics of Study - Grades 9-12Big Animal BUNDLEBig Animal Bundle UnitsEarth Science and Physical Science UnitsEarth Science and Physical Science Units BUNDLE

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Homeschool Den StoreHappy Homeschooling, everyone!!  ~Liesl

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Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses Packet Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses Activities

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Earth Science Unit

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Simple Machines Interactive Notebook ActivitySimple Machines Booklet

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Mitten packet (40 pages) This fun unit includes lots of fun activities, games and printables to work on numbers, counting, letters, basic addition or subtraction, skip counting, clocks and more! Find out more here: Mitten Activity Packet

Note: The new Mitten Packet is also available in the Winter BUNDLE!

Mitten Activities Packet ages 4-6

Rainforest Unit



Rainforest Unit 75 pagesFinally, you might be interested in checking out our packet on the Five Senses as well:

Five Senses Unit - sight hearing touch smell touch - Worksheets and Activities Five Senses - Interactive Notebook - Lapbook

Again, you can check out Our Store to see many of our other science, history units, math materials, spelling games & activities and more!

History and Science Units

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