Free Fall Math Game Board

This math printable can be used for any math practice. You can use any math fact cards, even for simple number recognition for younger kids. You can use any of the numbers that will work for your child or just create your own math problems on index cards. Use it for

  • number recognition (for younger kids) and move that many spaces around the board
  • addition facts (6+7) or subtraction problems (16-8)
  • multiplication facts (8×4) or division problems (72÷8) — Then roll a die to see how many spaces to move around the board.
  • And we used it for some basics of preAlgebra which I explain below. 🙂

Players keep moving around the board (and solving problems) until they land on a blank space, stay put, start or other square with no directions. If they land on a space with directions they choose another math fact card and roll the die to move their token around the board.

How we used this for basic preAlgebra problems (and negative numbers):

I made two sets of numbers 1 through 20 and -1 through -20 because my daughter is just starting on some of the basics of pre-Algebra.  This week rather than doing more problems like 4+ -3 or 5 x -7, I thought I would have her practice these types of problems using a math game board.

I made a printable math game board and included some number cards: fall-math-gameboard

We cut out all the cards and made our own die (using a wooden cube).  On the die there are two x’s, two +’s, and two –‘s. Then I also put the numbers 1 through 6 on the die for how many spaces to move around the game board. So, the die sides look something like this:

gb-4The player rolls the die, then chooses two cards. We place on card to the right of the die and one card to the left of the die. That way it is clear with a problem such as -6 – 4 which number is being subtracted. The answer below would be -10. Then the player would move three spaces on the game board. She would read the directions on the space she landed on and either stay put, draw again and do a double or triple move, etc. She keeps solving problems and moving ahead until she lands on a stay put, start or blank space.

gb-5If you are interested, you can download and print out the Fall Math Game Board and Number Cards here:

FREE Fall Game Board — Math Fact Game

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Free Fall Math Game Board for any Math Fact Practice

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Minecraft-Math-Fact-CardsThat’s about it for today!

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Happy Homeschooling!! ~Liesl

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