Free Fall Sight Word Games

I have a really cute set of fall-themed sight word games for you today! This is a free download!

Each game covers six words. The first two games are from the Dolch frequently word list: The first activity includes: said, make, the, and, see, look. The second game includes: big, can, for, two, blue, yellow.  The third game includes CVC words: cat, bat, pot, dot, fit, sit


Print out several copies of the word cards on card stock. (Laminate if desired.)

Each player needs a token to move around the board.

Shuffle the cards well. Place them face down in a pile.

Each player takes a turn taking a card, reading it, and moving his/her token to the next spot on the game board.

The first player to make it into the end square with the correct word wins the game!

There are also a couple worksheets to go along with these… tracing pages and color in the words. They also have autumn-themed clipart.

Free Fall Sight Word Games and Activities Packet

I hope your kids enjoy these! ~Liesl



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That’s about it for today.  See you again soon here or over at our Homeschool Den Facebook Page.  We highlight 3 or 4 posts each day there, so it’s a great place to quickly browse for new ideas! :) ~Liesl

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