Free Notebook Page about Stonehenge

This is a very basic notebook page with a map and photos of Stonehenge.  It doesn’t go into a lot of detail, but provides some basic facts about Stonehenge:

Stonehenge is a monument located in Wiltshire, England. It is comprised of about 100 huge upright stones placed in a circular layout.

While some of the stones probably come from a quarry about 25 miles away, some of the blue stones have been traced to Preseli Hills in Wales, nearly 200 miles away from Stonehenge.

Archaeologists believe Stonehenge was build in stages. The earliest construction started nearly 5,000 years ago around 3000 BC. Construction continued for nearly 1,500 years. The unique stone circle was erected about 2,500 BC.

I am going to use this with the kids as we start back up with our Middle Ages unit, but I actually made it for a teacher who needed some material on Stonehenge in elementary school in Uganda! It’s connections like this that make blogging worthwhile! 🙂

Hope you find this useful! ~Liesl

Stonehenge Notebook Page

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You might also be interested in these World Landmark Cards. Stonehenge is included among the famous landmarks in this set!
Famous-World-LandmarksThat’s about it for today! See you again soon! ~Liesl

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