Free Preschool Printable – Words That Start with F

FREE Letter F Printables and Fall-Theme Alphabet Cards


For those of you with younger kids, you might enjoy this FREE printable:  Words that Start with F and Fall-Themed Alphabet Matching Cards.

When my kids were little, I would choose 5 or 6 letters to focus on for the day. I would hide them around the room (or outside) and have the kids go on a scavenger hunt.  After they found all the letters, they had to match the capital letter with the lower-case letter.  They *loved* that!!

As they learned more, we continued to do the scavenger hunts, but we then worked up to 2-letter words, CVC words, and sight words!  You can find some free Fall-Themed CVC words if you scroll on down below.

This preschool printable is free to download. Don’t forget that we have a similar Thanksgiving printable as well!

Letter F Words – Free Preschool Worksheet and Fall-Theme Alphabet Cards


Thanksgiving Preschool Printables (free)


FREE  CVC Words -at -it -ot -ut File Folder Game and Word Cards

Free Fall Sight Word Games



  • Free Fall Math Game Board – Use this game board for any type of math fact practice. Players move around the board until one person lands on the WIN space. My oldest used this to add positive and negative numbers… but you can use this for number recognition, easy addition, subtraction or multiplication problems. :)





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Coin-Counting-File-Folder-Game-Cardssh th ch Sound Sort and Worksheet Activities


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