File Folder Games – CVC Words -at -it -ot -ut

It’s File Folder Friday again.  Today I have 5 fun activities you can do with your preschooler with C-V-C words. These activities will help the kids practice as they begin to sound out words. Scroll down below to get the printable!!


Activity 1: With the sorting mat on the previous page, you can glue it into a file folder and staple a Ziploc bag into the corner for the word cards.

File-Folder-Game1To save space, glue the tic-tac-toe page on the other side of the file folder.

tic-tac-toe-phonicsActivity 2: Place a paper clip in the corner. Have the kids fish for all the -at words. If they grab an -it word, they have to put all the owls back!!

Phonics-GamesActivity 3: Glue the word mat onto an empty cereal box.  Take a knife and put slits around each word family.

Glue the word cards onto popsicle sticks. Have your kids sort the cards into the appropriate word family.

File-Folder-Game3Activity 4: Since it’s fall, grab a tree branch.  Punch a hole in the top left corner of the word cards.  Place the -at -it -ot -ut card on separate branches. Mix up all the cards. Then have the kids sort place the owls on the correct branch!

File-Folder-Game2Activity 5: Memory: Print out 2 copies of the word cards.  Cut them up, place them face down and have the kids find matching pairs of words.


Click here to download the File Folder Games & CVC Word Activities. It is currently FREE!! Enjoy! ~Liesl

File Folder Games – at it ot ut


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