What’s New on the Blog: Homeschool Encouragement

Today I want to share some of the new features we have on the blog.

Everyone needs some homeschool encouragement from time to time, right?  Over the weekend I put together a new page called Avoid Homeschool Overwhelm (though it includes so much more than that!!).  It starts off with 10+ Tips for Homeschooling Without Feeling Overwhelmed…. Things like…

  • Don’t compare your reality to your thoughts, plans, and aspirations before the school year began. In the quiet of summer, I often have (and make!) big plans. But, if we don’t get to everything I planned over the course of the year, I just put it on the back burner for later!
  • Similarly, don’t compare your homeschool to what you see on blogs, Facebook, Pinterest or even the stories you hear from friends. That’s just a partial, incomplete glimpse of someone’s day.
  • Protect your time – make sure you turn off the computer, say NO when you need to, let the answering machine pick up.
  • Click here to read the whole list!

This page also has links to our Homeschool Encouragement Posts. In this section of the page it has links to encouraging articles such as: 8 Things to Remember about Homeschooling, Challenging and Inspiring Your Homeschooled Kids, 10 Ways to Avoid Homeschool Burnout, Homeschool Motivation: 10 Ways to Keep Going and many more!! 

Links to Various Hands-On Homeschool Ideas (in math, history, language arts, etc.) that you can apply to your homeschool no matter what you are studying.

And finally, it has links to posts about that ever-important homeschool topic: Planning and Strategies

Again, be sure to check that new page out at the Avoid Homeschool Overwhelm Tab. Hopefully you find some tips to boost your spirits and encourage you along this homeschool journey!

homeschooling-without-feeling-overwhelmedDon’t forget to check out some of the other tabs above as well:

The science tab above gives you links (and pictures) with some projects we’ve done along the way.

Science-Units-and-PacketsThe history tab shares some of the topics and hands-on fun we’ve had in history through the years:

history-units-homeschoolAnd earlier this year, I created a new language arts tab so that you can go through and find our free grammar pages, writing resources and other things more easily. Our free worksheets on their/there/they’re and its/it’s are among the most popular pages on our blog as are our free comma rules and practice sheets, apostrophe and quotation mark worksheets and others. Be sure to check out those free resources!

homeschool-language-arts-tab-arrowSpanish Freebies:  Many of you may have noticed that I have teamed up with Sra. Morato from Homeschool Spanish Curricululm this year.  So far, we’ve shared

Facebook Schedule: We’ve had so many new readers lately that I want to add a comment or two about FB.  Because we’ve been homeschooling for so long (and because we have SO many resources on the blog), I try to rotate through some of the posts that might be buried.  I tend to try to share posts for those with younger kids at noon and posts for slightly older kids around 3pm each day.  Any new posts that have been added, I usually share in the morning.  That’s always my intention at any rate, though life happens!

Homeschool Den App: Last Christmas my Hubby made a Homeschool Den App that you can download and keep up with our posts. I haven’t done a good job of promoting it, but it’s there if you want to check it out!!

Don’t miss this post I put together with 50+ Homeschool Freebies!

Homeschool-Freebies-Free-WorksheetsSo that’s it for today! Happy Homeschooling!! ~Liesl

See you again soon here or over at our Homeschool Den Facebook Page. Don’t forget to Subscribe to our Homeschool Den Newsletter!

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