FREE Sight Word and CVC Holiday Activity Packet

Today’s holiday freebie is for those of you whose kids are just starting to read. It is 30-pages and has six sets of words that kids can work on:

  • 2-letter sight words
  • Bob Book Words (from Bob Books Set 1, affiliate link)
  • CVC-Words -at, -it, -ot, -ut
  • CVC Words -ad, -id, -od, -ud
  • CVC Words -ag, -ig, -og, -ug
  • CVC Words -an, -in, -on, -un

Each set has a matching page, a word hunt, matching cards (penguin to snowflake), and fishing for words cards.

Remember that you can have your kids use the matching pages over and over if you laminate it and use a dry erase marker or if you place the worksheet into a plastic sleeve.

Holiday Sight Words CVC-word Activities

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FREE Phonics & Sight Word Printables

For the fishing activity, cut out the fish and word.  Place a paper clip on each of the fish. Make a “fishing pole” with a ruler, yarn and magnet.  Once the kids catch a fish, have them read the word aloud and place it on the penguin mat.

Fishing Activity: Here is a similar activity I made with butterflies, just so you get the idea! 🙂 The butterfly printable is free here at this post:

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