Homeschool Science in Early Elementary (K-2): Video Post

How do I start teaching science to my kids?  This is a very different answer if your kids are K-2 than if they are a bit older.  Here are some of the science topics you might want to consider if your kids are in early elementary. I put together a video of some of the activities we did when the kids were in early elementary.

Some of these activities my youngest was probably in preschool, but my older kids were in early elementary.  You can pick and choose what works for your kids and move into more complex topics from there!  I hope you enjoy what I hope to be a series of Minute videos! :)  ~Liesl

Links to the activities and printables you see in our Minute 1 video are below.

Homeschool Den Minute: Science in Early Elementary


5 Senses – sight, hearing, touch, feel, taste (This could continue on into a unit on the human body.)

Animals/Zoology: Some zoology topics you could cover:


If you would like to print out this list, you can click below to download the PDF.  Just so you know, this is still a work in progress as I haven’t actually made the 2nd video yet!! :) So, you might want to check back later to see if it has been updated. :)  ~Liesl

Homeschool Science in Early Elementary


Our next Minute Video will talk about a few more of the science units & hands-on activities we did in early elementary: Rocks and Minerals, Simple Machines, and Earth Science.

Wondering what to cover throughout elementary and middle school? You might want to check out our Homeschool Science Checklist for the Elementary and Middle School Years:

ScienceHomeschoolChecklistSome of our other videos:

If you are new to homeschooling, you might find some useful resources at this post: How to Start Homeschooling


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