Biology Unit: Animal Tracks and Animal Anatomy

As you know, we’re working on a biology unit.  I thought I would share a little bit about the animal activities ED (Grade 2) is working on before talking about our biome activities (in the next post).

In the animal packet that I shared at the end of December, there is a whole section on animal tracks.  ED pulled those back out again and was working on those the past couple of weeks.  We printed 2 pages per sheet out on cardstock and ED cut those out.  There are 3 matching pages I made.  She first compared the cards to the match-up page to figure out which track went with which animal. This week I’ve been “testing” her, calling out an animal and she has to find the track. She has really enjoyed this section. 🙂  We went out looking for animal tracks, but only found deer tracks.  We’ll try again when/if it snows! 🙂


You can find out more about the animal packet (and animal track cards) here.


We had some animal track stamps that I bought years ago (when the kids were preschool age) still tucked away in the cabinet.  The girls had fun with those too! I told them to do whatever they wanted with the stamps as long as they made something for their science notebook too. Then I let them loose with them! We have the stamp Desert, Rain Forest, Ocean, and Tropical Stamp sets. You can check out the  Tropical Forest Animal Tracks Stamp  (affiliate link) here, but I would probably not recommend getting them at their current price if you are a homeschooling family because I doubt you would get enough use out of them (even if you set them in the cupboard for several years as we did). They were marked down on a clearance sale when I got them years ago.  They would be fun for a teacher working with a group of kids ages 4-8 or so. (My girls 8 and 10 really enjoyed them.)


ED also did two anatomy pages (which are part of our biosphere/biology packet).  Since it has been so long since we did our Digestive System Unit we talked quite a bit about the function of the liver, spleen, kidneys, etc. For DD and LD, I decided to print both the cat and dog on one page.   I probably need to go over the digestive system again with her/them in more detail. (That’s kind of a note to myself!!)  These pages are part of the our Biology Unit-Biosphere Packet (which will be available in a few weeks… just that sometimes I add more pages while we’re working on a unit.) [And just a copyright note, I purchased these anatomy photos for use in the packet.]

Animal-Anatomy-PagesMeanwhile, ED has chosen three animals for her Animal Portfolio Project.  She chose a specific kind of monkey (I forget which on), the Amazon dolphin, and squid. (She could tell you more about it!). The animal portfolio project instructions are free at this post: Free Animal Portfolio Project.  It has a range of different activities (art projects, drawing, stories, etc.) and your kids can choose any animal they want.


That’s about it for today! It’s been a good week!

Over at this post, I have shared the activities we’ve been doing on the biomes. We’re still working on our Biology Unit.

Biology Packet - Biomes Ecosystems Populations and more Food Chain Food Web Food Pyramid Activties - Interactive Notebook PagesBiology Unit Ecology - Biomes-Ecosystem-Habitats- relationships between living organisms and their physical environment

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