STEM: Make Your Own Marble Maze; Flashlight Project

You know how we often like to start back into homeschooling with some engaging, out-of-the-box  activities? Sometimes we’ve done engineering challenges, other times we’ve done some fun critical thinking activities. Last week, I challenged the kids to make their own marble maze. They each took a big piece of cardboard, sticks (or whatever) and a glue-gun and went to work!

Make-a-Marble-MazeThey had fun trying to complete each other’s maze courses!  Anyway, that’s just a quick, fun idea you might enjoy doing with your kids some time!

The sticks were quite a challenge to glue down. It would probably be easier with wooden dowels or project blocks or something. Even aluminum foil (which could be bent into various shapes) would work well!

Marble-MazeOver the break, the girls also went to an engineering camp. They made these really neat flashlights. It probably wouldn’t be too difficult to gather the materials to do this project at home, so I thought I’d share a picture of their light.  It was made with batteries, wires, a small light bulb, brad, aluminum foil, paperclips (on top of the battery to connect the wire to the battery). It turns on when they place a paperclip across the two brads. Neat, right?!

flashlight-projectThat’s about it for today! 🙂

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