5 Senses: Matching Scents Activity

On Friday we revisited an activity that we’ve done a number of times before, making pairs of scents and trying to find the match.

To set up for this activity, I taped a piece of paper with matching symbols on sets of 2 Q-tips. Then I dipped the Q-tips into various liquids (vinegar, vanilla, fish sauce, almond extract, and lemon juice).  You can also do this with a cotton ball placed in a small jar.


Each of us took turns being blind folded and trying to find the scents that matched.


All of us were able to find the match to the fish sauce. We had varying degrees of success with the other pairs. I did miserably getting everything else wrong! DD and LD did pretty well matching 3 or 4 scents. (They tried it more than once.) I think there was a bit of ‘cheating’ going on when ED turned the Q-tips round and wound up matching everything correctly!  Guess her sense of sight is working perfectly too! 🙂


See how this fits into ED’s preschool science by clicking here: Life Science Plans K4


We read the 5-Senses from the Series Read and Learn About Science (affiliate link) We have at least a dozen of the books in that series!

5-Senses-Read-and-Find-OurAnd we also watched the Magic School Bus episode.  There is a Magic School Bus book on the 5 Senses too: The Magic School Bus Explores the Senses. (affiliate link)


So there you have it! A quick 20-minute activity and the kids sure enjoyed it!

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