Five Senses: Sound Bingo

ED is doing a brief unit on the 5 senses. I’ll talk a little more about our general activities below, but first I wanted to share this wonderful sound game we played!

One of the activities we did together this week was called Sound Bingo.  I downloaded the sound files such as a baby, guitar, monkey, fireworks, scissors (41 sounds in all) onto my laptop and printed out bingo cards for each of us.



I randomly played the sounds. The kids covered the appropriate  image on their bingo cards with a marker each time they heard the sound it made.  The winner was the person who covered her card first. This activity was a huge hit!

You will find the bingo cards and sound files for Sound Bingo at

Just so you know, it took me a number of tries before I was finally able to get the bingo cards to download.  Be persistent!


Our other activities have been more run-of-the mill.  We made little posters about the five senses and ED filled in a 5 Senses booklet we printed from Kidssoup.  ED played the “What’s Missing Game?” We collected several different objects and placed them in front of us. Then she covered eyes and I removed an object. ED had to guess what I took away. She also has been listening hard for the number of claps I made. That’s in connection with her math curriculum, but we tied it in to the discussions we’ve had for this unit as well.


Next up in this series:

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