Starting off our Geometry Unit

This week we’ve started easing back into school. We’re not doing all subjects as we still have lots of other things going on (play dates, doctor’s appointments for their wellness checkups, trips with friends, activities, etc.), but we did start up with math and reading.  In math we’re starting the year with a unit on geometry.

Geometry Mindmap: I read a book this summer that really recommends using mind maps either as an introduction to a new unit or as a way for students to wrap up and summarize what they’ve learned. The book recommended using lots of colors. Since geometry is completely new to my kids, I did a big overview the first day on some of the terms we’d be going over. We talked a lot about what they knew already.

After quickly going through some of the things we’d be covering that first day, I had them choose a shape they hadn’t heard of before and to color it in any way they wanted.  I also brought out the geometry tracing shapes.  ED obviously spent a lot of energy trying to trace various shapes. They went wild with the stencils, but I told them as long as they could tell me the name of their shape the next day they could color it any way they wanted!! Sure enough, they remembered.

They actually got quite into the tracing using these shapes and started making necklaces for themselves and their friends!

What we’re using as a text: I chose two different math texts to use with the kids during this unit. DD is using Math Mammoth: Early Geometry; DD is 6 (almost 7). While LD (almost 9) is using Geometry (by Carson-Dellosa). We go over a few things together and then they work on separate pages of their math books.

Math Journals: Because there are so many new terms, the kids are also doing a math journal for this unit.   The kids have done simple flap books for the terms we went over the first few days:

Today we talked a lot more about angles. We first talked about why it was important to know the precise measurements of angles, especially in building and construction. I made a quick “table” to show them what happens if the legs are at acute of obtuse angles! They had a good laugh over that!

We talked about the different kinds of angles.   I had them draw four angles on a paper. Then I worked with them individually as they measured their angle and learned to read the protractor. After they drew, measured and wrote down the size and type of their angles, they added these pages to their math journal.

We went around the house looking at different angles and measuring them.

We had to go to Staples this evening after DD’s Irish dance camp. I got the kids new math kits which included a protractor and other math tools. (We were using my old high school protractors and they has seen better days!) LD went off to use it immediately and said, “Hey Mom, this angle is not quite right!” I thought that was pretty funny!

And it’s obvious what’s happening a lot in our house. LD said he was working with his new math kit and couldn’t possibly go to bed this evening until he knew what colors the Olympic rings were. He proudly came out to show me his rings (hanging off the bridge, of course!)

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