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Geometry Activities 1

Geometry Activities

Here are more of our geometry activities this past week or so: ED and DD worked with parallel and perpendicular lines. This is something that ED is also doing in her Right Start Math-A.  First, they made the lines with popcycle sticks, then found perpendicular and parallel lines around the house. LD and DD made a foldable about lines, line segments, intersecting lines, etc. for their math journal. Types of...

Starting off our Geometry Unit 1

Starting off our Geometry Unit

This week we’ve started easing back into school. We’re not doing all subjects as we still have lots of other things going on (play dates, doctor’s appointments for their wellness checkups, trips with friends, activities, etc.), but we did start up with math and reading.  In math we’re starting the year with a unit on geometry. Geometry Mindmap: I read a book this summer that really recommends using mind maps...