Geometry Activities

Here are more of our geometry activities this past week or so:

ED and DD worked with parallel and perpendicular lines. This is something that ED is also doing in her Right Start Math-A.  First, they made the lines with popcycle sticks, then found perpendicular and parallel lines around the house.

LD and DD made a foldable about lines, line segments, intersecting lines, etc. for their math journal.

Types of Lines

LD and DD have learned how to read and label different angles, rays, lines, etc.

I’m really happy with the geometry unit by Carson-Dellosa we bought over at currclick. (I posted a picture below.) It’s been spot on for LD (age 9) and DD (age 6) has been using a lot sheets from it too.

Here’s the related post Starting Off our Geometry Unit. And be sure to see last Thursday’s post on the free geometry Montessori cards I came across.


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