Free Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable

We have a FREE downloadable Nature Scavenger Hunt printable that has been hugely popular over the years. I wanted to share this fun activity with you again today!

Every spring, as the weather became nicer and nicer we spent more and more time outdoors. We did this scavenger hunt for years. I know we’re not alone because this printable has gotten well over 75,000 downloads since I first made it years ago!! At the time, my blog was under the umbrella so we had pretty wide reach! 🙂

We found a lot of cool critters that very first year we did it:

Nature Scavenger Hunt - Photo

I shared this many years ago (my girls are now 14 and 16 years old, but aren’t they cute in the pics below?!! Yes, Mom bias showing through!). Here’s what I wrote back then:

Spring has finally arrived here, so it’s  time to boot the kids outside for our annual Nature Scavenger Hunt! There are so many great reasons for going outside this time of year!

Nature Scavenger Hunt - something scented


You can download a copy of our Nature Scavenger Hunt by clicking on the link or the picture below.  It’s free to download. 🙂 Enjoy! ~Liesl

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Nature Scavenger Hunt Click here to save this Nature Scavenger Hunt on Pinterest!

Nature Scavenger Hunt Free Printable

Here are some other Scavenger Hunts I’ve made for the kids:

  • Photo Hunt — One year, I sent the kids out with cameras and had them take pictures of everything from a fence and stump, to another person’s hand and a flock of birds. You can download the Photo Scavenger Hunt by clicking on the link or photo below. It is free to download as well:


  • I made another Second Nature Scavenger Hunt that is a bit more challenging for the kids one year.  They spent close to three hours hunting for the creatures on this list… This second scavenger hunt is probably best near a creek/pond. We have one that runs through the back of our yard, so I had the kids try to find algae, a frog, toad or lizard, etc.


We really love going out this time of year! What about you?!

Nature Scavenger Hunt - White Flower Photo

Don’t miss our latest Outdoor Scavenger Hunt with QR Codes! The kids were SUPER excited about this!!

Outdoor Treasure Hunt - printable

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