Outdoor Treasure Hunt with QR Codes – Free Printable!

Every spring for years now, I’ve sent the kids out to do a Nature Scavenger Hunt. This year I thought we’d add in something new… an Outdoor Treasure Hunt with the QR Code reader. We’ve been having a lot of fun with these QR Codes and this is a way to get the kids outside and enjoying nature at the same time.

How does it work?  Well, someone needs to set out all the clues first (probably *your* job, though I know once we’ve done this a couple of times the kids will want to set one up for me!).  Then,  I’ll have the kids start at one of the QR Code clues. (A QR Code Reader is an app that is free to download onto your phone or tablet, though I included a set of cards with just the words on them too.) They’ll scan the first clue which gives them the next hint. For example, the first clue was “check the yellow flowers.”  So then they hunt through all the yellow flowers until they find the next clue I’ve posted, which sends them to the next clue and so on until they reach the end.

I suggest that you choose 8 or 10 clues to set up for your kids (don’t try to use all 28 clues!) 🙂


I made four pages of clues and tried to think of hints that work for as many people as possible. These include hints such as:

  • Check the front porch.
  • Check the swing.
  • Check the trash can.
  • Check the front tire of the car.
  • Check the dog house. (Obviously, a lot of people won’t have a dog house, but it’s an option for those who do!)

I also included cards with just words on them (in case you don’t have a QR code reader).

Click here to download our Outdoor Treasure Hunt printable:


Of course, being a homeschooling family,  I’ll have them solve a math problem before moving on to the next clue.  The Minecraft QR code math problems  I made recently are perfect for that because they can check their answer before moving on!  I made those in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and you can find those (free) in the link above or by clicking on the photo below:


If you are interested in downloading our free Nature Scavenger Hunt Prinatables, just click on the link or photo below.


If you wind up doing this outdoor treasure hunt, I’d love to hear from you here or over at our Homeschool Den Facebook Page!



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  1. Great post! That made me remind of my old days of homeschooling. It was really fun. I had always tried to do better and sometimes it was hard. But that’s part of why homeschooling is always as much of a learning experience for moms as it is for their children!

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