PreK-K Math Activities (Make 5, Make 10)

I made a cute flower-themed math packet for kids just starting on basic addition through 10.  There are a couple different activities to practice working with the  5s and 10s Number Families.

There are two worksheets for kids to supply the missing number for the 5 and 10 Number Families.


My kids always loved games and would beg to play games like the one below over and over!  This is basically a memory game — with number families. There are cards to play “Make 5” and also cards to play “Make 10.”

Use the numbers 0 through 5 to make a “Make 5” card game. Lay all the cards face down. Players take turns trying to find cards that add up to 5. Each player can turn over two cards per turn. If a match is made, that player can take another turn. Once all the cards are matched up, the game is over. (The game for Make 10 is the same, just using a different set of cards.)

I recommend that you print 2 or 3 copies of each page on card stock.


Finally, there are a few very basic addition pages as well.


This math packet is currently free to download. There are 9 pages.  Click on the link below. I would love it if you spread the word about our materials. Be sure to share this on FB, Pinterest, etc.!  Thanks!! ~Liesl

Make 5 Make 10 Math Activities -FlowerTheme



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