Kindergarten Math – First Activities of the Year

We took much of the summer off. We started easing back into a bit of school after our trip to Colorado.  We start earlier than others in our area because we take time off and family trips when it suits us.

Day One:

Over the summer, I continued to skip count by 2s, 5s and 10s when she brushed her teeth.  Since we never really covered the concept of odds and evens, that was one of the first things we covered.

I showed her how the odd numbers never have a partner and are the “odd man out.”  Even numbers always have a partner.  Then I told her she knew tons and tons of even numbers.  She looked at me wide-eyed, but when I started counting by 2s she laughed and quickly joined in!

Then I had her grab three huge fist-fulls of tiles (anything would work).  I told her to figure out whether there was an odd number or an even number.  She quickly set to work.

DSC03256Odds-EvensAfter she was done, we counted (by 2s) to see how many tiles there were.

Another thing we started with was some calendar work.  It was the 12th of August.  She placed the 12 on Monday and then placed all the numbers that came before and after that onto the magnetic calendar. (Thank you for that, R!!!)

We went over the days of the week, seasons and months of the year (briefly).

DSC03261-001CalendarI’m out of time at the moment, but I’ll be back tomorrow to share her math lapbook and then some of the games she’s been playing.


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