PreK Craft: Spaghetti Yarn Art


This Spaghetti Yarn Art is a cute, quick craft you can do with your 2-5 year old. This was a really good project even for ED, who was age 2 at the time.  She could pretty much do it on her own as long as I reminded her of the steps along the way.

For this activity we needed cooked spaghetti (we used fettuccine), bits of yarn or string, and glue. We had one bowl of plain glue, and a bowl of glue + red food coloring another with glue/yellow and another with glue/green.

This activity worked best when I had them use a fork. My kids didn’t dip it in well enough to get a lot of glue. They really needed to stir it around a bit (and they were reluctant to put their hands in the glue to push the string or spaghetti down in). They then dumped the glue covered spaghetti or yarn onto a plastic plate, criss-crossing the pieces.

Let it all dry overnight (or longer depending on your climate). It will dry hard and firm and you’ll be able to pop it off the plate. Put a piece of yarn through one of the loops and you can hang it up.

So that’s it:

Put the spaghetti (or yarn) in the glue
Stir, stir, stir
Dump it on your (plastic) plate
Let it dry for 2-4 days.
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