Summer Activities: SPUD (20-30 mins.)


My kids are the perfect age for introducing them to some of my childhood summer favorites.  For some reason, the kids in my neighborhood called this game “Baby in the Air.”  I think it’s better known as “spud.” Anyway, whatever the name, the kids really loved it.  This is a game that combines catch and dodge ball.

We played this with four of us. It seems like 4-6 players would be ideal so that everyone gets their number called at some point.

You need a ball, some folded cards with the numbers 1 to 4 (if you have 4 players) or 1 to 6 (if you have 6 players).

  • Each round all the players except the caller (with the ball) chooses a number and memorizes their number.
  • The players gather around the caller. As she throws the ball in the air, she calls out a number.  All the players (including the caller) run away except the person whose number was called. When the catcher grabs the ball, he yells out “SPUD” and everyone has to freeze.  The catcher can then take 4 steps in any direction — calling out “S” “P” “U” “D” with each stpe.
  • Then the catcher throws the ball at a player trying to tag her. If the ball hits, the tagged person gets an “S.”  Nothing happens if the ball misses.
  • The catcher then becomes the caller. Everyone again goes to the cards, chooses a new number and the new round begins.
  • The first player to reach “D” is out. 

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