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Summer Activities: SPUD (20-30 mins.)

My kids are the perfect age for introducing them to some of my childhood summer favorites.  For some reason, the kids in my neighborhood called this game “Baby in the Air.”  I think it’s better known as “spud.” Anyway, whatever the name, the kids really loved it.  This is a game that combines catch and dodge ball. We played this with four of us. It seems like 4-6 players would...

Fun Outdoor Game: Frisbee Golf 0

Fun Outdoor Game: Frisbee Golf

LD got a really fun game for his birthday that we’ve all been enjoying — Mini Frisbee Golf. It’s a huge hit! The weather’s just about perfect now to spend time outside (not too hot) so we’ve gotten lots and lots of use out of it. The game comes with six colored frisbees (four of each color), so up to six people can play.  We keep our stands pretty close...