Summer Activities: Sun-Sensitive Nature Pictures

When I was at camp years ago, we made sun prints using photo paper and photography chemicals. I remember being thrilled to work in the darkroom. This isn’t quite as exotic, but it is a quick and easy version of that with sun sensitive paper… no chemicals needed!

We got our paper at Oriental Trading. It was $6.25 per dozen sheets.  (Nature Print Sun-Sensitive Paper).


I sent the kids outside to collect leaves, flowers, bark, grass and things like that. We came inside and the girls arranged their bits and pieces on the paper. We took the tray and set it in a bright, sunny spot for two minutes (we used a timer). Then quickly brought the tray into the shade to reveal the shadow picture!



This was a quick, easy activity and the kids wound up making two or three pictures each. Even I got into the action with this activity!



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Clipart Image Credit: SweetClipArt

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