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PreK Craft: Spaghetti Yarn Art

This Spaghetti Yarn Art is a cute, quick craft you can do with your 2-5 year old. This was a really good project even for ED, who was age 2 at the time.  She could pretty much do it on her own as long as I reminded her of the steps along the way. For this activity we needed cooked spaghetti (we used fettuccine), bits of yarn or string, and glue. We had one bowl of...


Fall Themed Craft: Spaghetti Tree

  The last time we did spaghetti art, we simply colored strands different colors and made a free for all.  This time, we had a specific goal in mind… barren trees.  They turned out well! Cook spaghetti and cool with cold water. Mix glue and paint together. Dip the spaghetti into the glue-paint mixture and form into the desired shape We placed ours on wax paper, but you could also...