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We are so glad you are here! We have been homeschooling for years now, so we have a lot of resources tucked away here at our blog. If you’re new to homeschooling, you might want to start with the tab above, Starting to Homeschool. Be sure to check out the Science Units and History Units as well. Those pages give you a visual overview of many of the units we’ve covered in our homeschool.

If you are new to our blog, you’ll find that we have done a LOT of different units. ¬†The category button above will be a huge help in finding what you need. Units are organized under headings such as

  • All About Homeschooling
  • Ages 2-6
  • History and Culture Units
  • Holidays
  • Science Units
  • Language Arts -Grammar, Spelling, Reading, Writing

We love doing hands-on activities and we get a lot of hits from Pinterest on our activities, but equally as popular are our printables — pretty much in all subject areas.

  • For the younger crowd, ages 2-6, people seem to really like our science experiment packets and the huge activity list we made. We also get hundreds of hits each day on our “Preschool at Home” posts.


  • In math, we get a lot of interest in our place value activities, Minecraft/Pokemon/Pete the Cat printables and skip counting mazes.


  • We get a lot of interest in our science units, especially our Human Body Units, Rocks and Minerals Unit, Simple Machines, Weather Unit Packets, and our Earth Science Unit.


Here’s a video about the science units and topics we hope to cover in the elementary and middle school years:

  • We also get a lot of hits on our History and World Cultures Posts – Civil Rights, Gandhi, Africa, India, Ancient Egypt, and our world religions worksheets (Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, etc.)… and many more. :)


  • Grammar sheets — Even the grammar¬†practice worksheets I’ve made for the kids on comma rules, the use of apostrophes, etc. get a lot of hits!


So again, I suggest you use the SEARCH feature and the CATEGORY button to help you find what you’re interested in.

You can often reach me over at our Homeschool Den Facebook Page, but feel free to drop me an email as well! I love hearing from our readers.

Thanks for stopping by! ~Liesl and the Kids