Free Booklet Style Homeschool Planner

Our newly updated FREE Booklet-Style Homeschool Planner is now available!

At the beginning of each semester, I often change up our homeschool planner a bit. The past couple of years, I have been using a booklet style homeschool planner because it’s a bit easier to carry around (and keep track of).

I print out the pages one-sided, fold them in half and use our Spiral coil binding machine to bind it together on the left-hand side.

This year, I added in new daily/weekly planning pages (in particular the Monday through Friday pages, but also some new checklist pages and grids for jotting down notes as I prepare):

Free Printable Homeschool Planner BookletMy daughter also wanted her own planner and I printed out a number of copies of the daily checklist page. Each half-page is for one week. She was really happy with that. 🙂

We write in her subjects as well as music practice, outdoor time, art and her chore for the family. In the bottom section she jots in her weekly activities like her (online) Spanish and German classes (yes, she’s taking two foreign languages. It’s a long story, but just one of the funny things we homeschoolers can do!!) and soccer practice, etc.

Free Homeschool Planner with Daily Checklist

I finished getting our homeschool planners done today! Hooray!  Just wanted share this if you are still looking for a homeschool planning system!

You can grab this free booklet-style homeschool planner with the button below. It will be delivered by SendOwl (the delivery service I use).

As you can see in the pictures below, there are various covers to choose from and a lots of different styles of pages.  You can browse through the file and choose the pages that appeal most to you (and/or your kids!).

Hope it’s helpful! ~Liesl

FREE Booklet Style Homeschool Planner


Please note, the email from SendOwl – the delivery service I use – might say thank you for your purchase (or something similar), but obviously you didn’t pay anything! Just want to make that clear! ~LieslFREE Homeschool Planner - Half-Page Booklet Style

Remember that if you like having a full-page planner, we have a free homeschool planner with very similar pages that you can print out on full-sized 8.5×11 paper.

Free Homeschool Planner (for daily/weekly planning)

Here’s the description for the other (free) homeschool planner:

If you are looking for some printables to create your own Homeschool Planner, you might want to check out our free Homeschool Planner. This unique homeschool planning packet is currently FREE to download! It is nearly 100 pages! Not only does this packet include daily and weekly planning pages, checklists and record keeping pages, but it also includes various homeschool journaling pages… think gratitude journal meets homeschool goal setting! Again, you’ll find it at this post: Free Homeschool Planner and Discovery Journal. I tend to change up my homeschool planning pages regularly as our needs change, so this packet of materials has steadily grown in size! There might be something you can use there! 🙂

Free Homeschool Planner

Homeschool Planning for Next Year (Free Planning Pages)

These are some free Homeschool Planning Pages that I use as I try to figure out our long-range homeschooling goals.  This post shares share the process I go through… and also will share the planning pages that I’ve been using the past few years. I like having colorful planning pages to work on. This isn’t really a weekly/monthly planner, but rather a homeschool vision planner. This 30+-page pdf is currently FREE to download! Let me know if it’s helpful! ~Liesl

Free Homeschool Planning Pages

Free Homeschool PlannerHomeschool Goal Setting – Click on the link or picture below:

Homeschool Goal Setting – Free Printable

Homeschool Goal Setting - Free PrintablesWe have a FREE 2020-2021 school year calendar here:

Free Calendar Printable

Free Printable 2020-2021 Calendar

If you are new to our blog, you might want to check out these free resource guides, which I put together to help answer questions like… Where do I start? How do I know what to teach?  What units did you kids do when they were in __ Grade?

Creating Your Own Homeschool Curriculum: These are some resources I made that might be helpful as you create your own homeschool plans.  These are somewhere between 30 and 50 pages and are FREE to download :

Homeschool Curriculum Kindergarten Grade 1

Homeschool Science Curriculum Grade 2-3

Creating Your Own Homeschool Curriculum Grade 4 - 5

Homeschool Curriculum Grade 6-8

High School Homeschool Resource Guide - Subjects, Topics of Study - Grades 9-12If you are Transitioning from School to Homeschool, you might want to check out this post which I wrote as COVID-19 started closing schools around the world.

10 Ways to Transition from School to Homeschool Tips & Strategies Free Checklist

Free Homeschool Supply List Printables (including basic supplies, art materials, math manipulatives and science materials you might want to have on hand). Get the free printable at this post.

Homeschool Supplies and Homeschool Science Supply List - Free Printable

Free Science Checklist - Elementary Middle School

  • Science Units Page: This page will give you an idea of some of the science units we’ve done over the years.

Homeschool Unit Studies - Science

Earth Science UnitChemistry Unit The Periodic Table Ions Isotopes Bohr Diagrams and moreHuman Body Systems BUNDLE

  • History Units Page — We’ve studied everything from the Ancient World through the Civil Rights Movement and everything in between! We’ve done tons of hands-on history projects, read amazing book, watched some incredible documentaries and films and all along the way I’ve been making notebook pages and other activities. Many of our notebook pages are free — some such as our World Facts Packet, Ancient Egypt Packet, Greek Gods and Goddesses Packet, Civics and Government Unit, American Revolution, Slavery and the Civil War, Age of Exploration, European History 1500-1750 (Renaissance/Reformation/Age of Absolutism), World War I and others are in our store.Homeschool Unit Studies - History Geography
  • If you have younger student/s, you might want to start with basic world geography.  This is material we covered when the kids were 4-7 years old or so:  Where I Live & World Map ActivitiesWhere I Live and Montessori World Map Activities
  • Our most popular History Packets at the moment include our World Facts Packet (Do your kids know the largest countries? the countries with the most people? The tallest mountains and/or longest rivers?  the deserts of the world? Basic geography terms from peninsula to atoll and archipelago?

World Facts Packet

Civics and Government – We have gone over the basics about the American Government & Civics most every year (at least a little bit!). The packet covers the how the government is set up, three branches of government, some of the responsibilities of each branch, the different cabinet members, the difference between federal, state and local governments,  and more. It includes notebook pages (with answers provided), a lapbook/interactive notebook activity, basic civic questions (with QR Code answers), sorting cards, and more.

Civics and Government UnitUSA States and Capitals

USA States and Capitals Packet

Plus some of our American History Units

  • Age of Exploration Unit

Age of Exploration Unit

American Revolution Worksheets Notebook Pages Chronology Cards and More

Oregon Trail Lapbook and Notebook Pages

other packets from Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Packet

the Greek Gods and Goddesses

Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses Packet

and the Middle Ages

Middle Ages Unit - Worksheets, Chronology Cards, Notebook Pages, Feudalism Simulation, ActivitiesFeudalism Cut-and-Paste ActivityMIddle Ages Event Cards

to World War I and beyond!

World War I Unit with Worksheets Notebook Pages and More

See you again soon here or over at our Homeschool Den Facebook Page! You might also want to check out some of our resources pages above (such as our Science, Language Arts, or History Units Resource Pages) which have links to dozens of posts.  You might want to join our free Homeschool Den Chat Facebook group.  Don’t forget to check out Our Store as well. :) Homeschool Den Store

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Happy Homeschooling!! 


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