Establishing Homeschool Routines that Work!

Homeschool Foundations: Establishing Routines that Work: Are you are looking for some general tips about creating routines, organizing and keeping on top of things during the year? This packet is designed to help you think about the strategies and routines to help your family life run smoothly.

This packet is a work in progress and is currently FREE to download! Homeschooling - Establishing Routines that WorkFor many families, the summer is an opportunity to take a breather from the normal routine of homeschooling. There are times when we homeschoolers feel overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated and/or feel downright insecure about how things are going. Summer is a time to rest, relax and get rejuvenated for the year to come.

Once you’ve had some time away from the “regular routine” (you know, whatever that looks like for you as a homeschooling family!), you might have some new insights about your family dynamics and the habits your family has gotten into.

School breaks can give you the distance you need to see things with fresh eyes. You can think about new ways to make the school year exciting, calm (or calmer!) and more organized. After some rest, you might be more objective about what was working and what didn’t.

Summer Goals: You might also have hopes to catch up on things you’ve put off “til later.”  You might have every intention of getting things done, but with a looser schedule time seems to slip by.  Not only that, you might feel downright tired and unmotivated. Stress might start to eat away at you simply because you don’t have a strategy for getting things done this summer.

Spending some time planning for what you really want to accomplish during the break, will help ease the stress.  Having a working plan for how and when these important tasks will get done, will actually allow you to enjoy the other moments of your summer fully.

If you are ready, you might take some time to establish new routines or to devise some alternative strategies you can implement to make your days and weeks run more smoothly.

Here are some of the topics we will cover in this new packet.  It is called Homeschool Foundations… because it covers that long list of everyday tasks we have to tackle while also educating our kids.

Homeschool Foundations - Establishing Routines that Work - Rest, Organization, Meal Planning and more

  • The Importance of Rest
  • Making the Most of the Break
  • Home Organization – Using the space we have available well
  • Meals and Meal Planning
  • Daily Routines
  • Energy – Homeschooling without overwhelm
  • Home Routines
  • Calendars & Planners

Our goal this summer is to establish (at least some!) routines that work in this season of life.  It is an ever changing process because our kids’ needs change as they grow and mature.

The very first and perhaps most important step is to make sure you are rested. So, download this packet only when YOU feel ready!

In this packet, we are going to cover some of the strategies you can try out around the home to keep life humming along. It is helpful to automate as many decisions and routines as possible, so we don’t run into decision fatigue.   We’ll talk about some of the biggest challenges from home care to self care, organization to managing regular tasks.

Summer or winter break is a good time to reset and try out new options and new routines, but whatever time of year it is, jump in and think about what will make your family life run more smoothly!

Homeschool Foundations - Establishing Routines that Work - organization meal planning and moreThe first and second installments have been released… This is a work in progress. As I get each section done, you will get an email from SendOwl (and it will include your download link again).

This is packet currently free!  Click on the Add to Cart Button or the picture below to download. The link will be sent to you via SendOwl (the automatic delivery service I use).

Note: The automatic email from SendOwl might say something like “Thank you for your purchase” but of course you are paying nothing for this! Just wanted to be clear! If you have any questions feel free to email me!

I hope this packet is helpful!  Let me know if you have thoughts, tips and pointers to add!!  ~Liesl

Homeschool Foundations: Establishing Routines that Work

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Homeschooling - Establishing Routines that Work

Enjoy your summer (or winter) break!


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