Mean, Median, Mode – Free Math Worksheets

Free Middle School Math Worksheets

Below you will find a free math worksheet PDF which covers mean, median, mode and range. This is a math topic we need to review once a year or so because my kids never remember the meanings!

These free Mean, Median, Mode worksheets include both definitions and practice problems to review these terms:

Mean: This is the average of a set of numbers. Add all the numbers and divide by the total number in the set.

Median: Pick the number that is right in the middle… Or take the two numbers that are in the middle and average those.

Mode: The number that appears most often.

We also reviewed stem-and-leaf plots and used those (on the second page) to review mean, median, mode and range. (Each year, my kids take a standardized test to fulfill the homeschool requirements of our state.  These tests often include questions on  statistics, probability and data presentation… so  I also included a page with stem-and-leaf plots. We also talked about box-and-whisker plots, but I didn’t make a page on that.)

The answer pages are provided. (I updated and fixed a couple of typos in the answer section!)

You can download these free pages by clicking on the link or the picture below.

Free Math Worksheets – Mean Median Mode

Mean Median Mode Math Worksheets

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Hope you found something helpful!


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