Division Practice – Equivalent Fractions Worksheets

Division worksheets - Equivalent Fraction WorksheetsAs we start back into school, I made a new set of division and equivalent fraction worksheets for my girls.  This packet is 15 pages (the kids do one page as review each day along with their math book and other activities). It is currently FREE to download!

It includes equivalent fractions because I have the kids think about those as multiplication problems (factoring out the answers).  Below is an explanation of how my kids reduce equivalent fractions (except that we don’t use the x we use a dot).

Knowing how to do this quickly and easily is really useful as the kids move into algebra. (This sheet is included in the packet.)

How to reduce equivalent fractions

Students will be able to reduce most of the equivalent fraction problem in this packet.  There are a couple that do not reduce (those will be obvious with a prime number like 11 or 17 in the numerator.)

The Division and Equivalent Fractions Practice Packet has 15 pages of practice worksheets.  Right now this packet is FREE to download! Eventually (maybe in a month or so?), it will be combined with the other math packet: Fractions, Decimals, Percents Packet that my older daughter is working through. 🙂 (See more about that below. You might also want to check out the Multiplication and Division Practice Packet – Doodle Animals – or details also below).

Note: This set does not include answer pages because I can just glance over their page and check their answers.  If you are a teacher, I suggest you print out an extra page and jot down the answers for students to check their work.

These are currently FREE to download! 🙂 If you find them helpful, I’d love to hear from you! ~Liesl

Click the link below (or the picture) to download this packet:

Division Practice – Equivalent Fractions Practice Packet -Update 2 (Doodle Animals)

$0.00 (Currently free!) If you see any typos be sure to let me know (my daughter is working through this as we speak!)! 🙂

Division worksheets - Equivalent Fraction WorksheetsFractions, Decimals, Percents – Worksheet Set

This is a set of worksheets my older daughter has been working through as she reviews all these tricky problems.  She learned how to do all of these types of problems over the last couple of years, but I wanted her to do a little bit of review each day. She does this and then works through some of her other math material. This set includes answer pages.

These are probably best for 6th-7th grade (and maybe 8th grade for review).

Not yet available, though if you want to work through these with your kids, send me an email asking me nicely to share the set with you.  You might be dragged into checking for errors on the answer pages, though!!! 🙂   ~Liesl

Fractions Decimal Percents Math WorksheetsIf you like the Doodle Animal style, you might also be interested in the Multiplication and Division Practice Packet (Doodle Animals).   It is sold individually or you can purchase all of our Multiplication Packets (all 12 pdfs, well over 200 pages of games/worksheets etc. as a Bundle). Details about both are at this post: Multiplication and Division Practice Packet (Doodle Animals)

Multiplication and Division Worksheets Multiplication and Division Worksheets

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