FREE Homeschool Planner for Fall 2023

Here is our new printable Homeschool Planner for the FALL semester 2023! This planner is free to download!

Fall 2023 Homeschool PlannerAs many of you know, I have been creating my own planner for years. Sometimes I have used full-sized pages, sometimes I prefer a smaller booklet-style (1/2 page planner). A couple of years ago, I started using a planner with full-size pages once again.  This particular version has calendars on some of the pages.

This free homeschool planner goes from August through December 2023.  If you like it, be sure to drop me (Liesl) an email and let me know! (I love hearing from you!!) And, if you are New to our Website or quick way to find some of resources we have available be sure to visit this page for hints on navigating our website, finding other freebies, checking out some of the subjects/topics we covered in various grades, learning about our very hands-on homeschooling style and more!

I hope it helps you in your homeschool planning! ~Liesl

NOTE: This file has been updated!

You will now receive the Winter-Spring 2024 Homeschool Planner!


Check your email for the download link! The automatic email from SendOwl may say “Thank you for ordering from us,” but obviously you didn’t pay anything because this is free! Our packets are PDF digital downloads. If/when I update this planner, you will get an update email from me via SendOwl (the delivery service I use).

FREE Homeschool Planner Winter-Spring 2024 Printable

FREE Homeschool Planner Fall 2023

P.S. The link above will provide you with the latest PDF file I’ve made available. The Spring 2024 Homeschool Planner will be shared via this same link sometime in December (2023). You will get an automatic email from SendOwl (the delivery service I use) when I upload the next PDF file.

FREE Spring 2024 Homeschool Planner

We have another FREE Homeschool Planner and discovery journal that I used when the kids were younger. It is well over 100 pages! Visit this post to grab this FREE Printable Planner: Free Homeschool Planner and Discovery Journal

Free Homeschool Planner - Discovery JournalFree Printable Homeschool Planner

If you are interested in our FREE printable 2023-2024 School Year Calendar click on the link or the calendar picture to grab that PDF!

Free 2023-2024 School Year Calendar

You might be interested in some of our other posts:

You might want to check out our Homeschool Resources Page.

You will find a list of some of our Science Units here at the Science Units Page. Our packets include notebook pages, worksheets, and lots of hands-on activity ideas (with photos and instructions to show you what we did to make science engaging!!)

Our packets are for homeschool families with kids of multiple ages (because I have three kids, each two years apart). By the way, this Free Science Checklist share a checklist science topics I hoped to cover by the time the kids reached the end of 8th grade.

Homeschool Science Curriculum - Science Units

You can check out our history materials here at the History Page.

History Units

Here are links to some of our Science BUNDLES:

Earth Science BUNDLE

Earth Science and Physical Science Units BUNDLEEarth Science Unit

Biology BUNDLE, for late elementary & middle school

We (I have 3 kids, each 2 years apart) started covering biology topics such as the organelles of the cell and basic botany (parts of a seed/flower, carnivorous plants) in elementary. We would usually do one or two biology units each year. We would come back to that topic every couple of years and go into more depth. Each time we covered a unit, I added in new materials to our packets, so our units are great for homeschooling families with kids of different ages. We even used of this material for biology in high school.

Big Animal BUNDLE, for early elementary

My kids loved studying animals. We did a lot of activities over the years (and I kept adding to the packets I created. For example, the Animal Packet covers basic animal classification, animal characteristics, body coverings: feathers, fur, scales or skin, vertebrate groups, invertebrate groups, domesticated vs. wild animals, animals and their tracks, nocturnal vs diurnal animals, animal homes and shelters and more!

The Big Animal BUNDLE includes 11 packets.   1) Animal Unit, 2) World Animals Packet, 3) Rainforest Packet, 4) Life Cycles Packet, 5) Winter Packet – plus several mini units 6) the Cicadas Packet and 7) the Chameleon Packet. 8) the Wolves Mini-Unit 9) Australia Unit 10) Dinosaur Unit 11) Mittens Unit (These packets are also sold separately!)

Big Animal Bundle Units

Chemistry Bundle

This chemistry page will tell you more about each of these units. Again, we covered a chemistry topic most every year, reviewing many of these topics every couple of years (and/or going into more depth each time). We did most of these units in upper elementary and middle school (though I think my youngest was in early elementary when we did the states of matter unit).

Chemistry BUNDLE Packets

Human Body BUNDLE 

Each year we would study a new human body system. Some of the units we covered included the skeletal system, muscular system, digestive system, circulatory system, nervous system, endocrine system and more!  I have three kids, each two years apart.  We would do our units together so we often did a lot of hands-on activities (for my youngest). We did these units again a few years later and would go into more depth as my kids got older (and then I would update and add to the packet). For that reason, our human body system materials is great for homeschooling families and can be used with a range of ages. System Unit - Worksheets Lapbook Activities and More

Spelling BUNDLE

Our Spelling BUNDLE currently consists of 8 pdfs. Pictures are provided below! 1. Long A & Long I Packet; 2. Long E Packet; 3. ou/ow oy/oi au/aw Packet; 4. /er/ Sound Packet; 5. /k/ Sound Packet; 6. /ul/ Sound Packet; 7. ie/ei Words Packet; 8. Plurals – add -s or -es  These packets are also sold separately. See this spelling page for more details.

Spelling BUNDLE - Activities and Games

Long A Sound - Activities and Word Sort Long A-Sound-ActivitiesBelow is a set of word sort activities and games to reinforce the “ow” and “ou” vowel team; the “oy” and “oi” patterns;  and the “au” and “aw” vowel patterns.  I made this for ED as she finished up volume 2 of All About Spelling (affiliate link), the spelling program I’ve used with all 3 kids. She wanted some fun games again to go over these various vowel teams. 🙂 I loved that she would beg to play just “one more round”!

ow ou oy oi aw au Word Sort-Activities

You might also be interested in these FREE Homeschool Curriculum Resource Guides:

If you are looking for more practical homeschooling tips, you might be interested in our Homeschool Planning Series with tips on Creating Your Homeschool Curriculum. We have three (of four) free resource guides available for K-1, Grades 2-3 and Grades 4-5.  and the Grade 6-8 Resource Guide.


Creating a Homeschool Curriculum: Kindergarten, Grade 1  This FREE 50-page Resource Guide has been created to answer some basic questions: What subjects should I cover? Where do I start? How do I know what to teach?  It offers topics, units and hands-on activity ideas that might appeal to your kids.


Creating a Homeschool Curriculum Grades 2-3  FREE 30-page Resource Guide
This guide is a starting point for choosing the material you might want to cover in your homeschool. What subjects, units and topics should you cover in Grades 2 and 3?  Where do I start?  This resource guide will offer suggestions on what topics and hands-on activities might be engaging for your kids at this age.

creating-a-homeschool-curriculum-grades-2-3-free-resource-guideCreating Your Homeschool Curriculum – Grade 4-5 FREE Resource Guide

Homeschool Curriculum Grade 6-8

I probably need to update this as I have two kids in high school now! 🙂High School Homeschool Resource Guide - Subjects, Topics of Study - Grades 9-12

Homeschool Science Unit Checklist for Elementary and Middle School (Free)

When I’m planning our units for the upcoming year, I think a lot about the science topics should we cover in our homeschool by the time they finish 8th grade. I have a general checklist of topics that I go consider… and try to fill in the gaps as we go (and as the kids’ interests change). We actually circle back around to cover these units every few years and go into more depth each time we cover it. This checklist is FREE to download! You will find it here: Free Science ChecklistHope it is helpful! ~Liesl

Free Science Checklist for Elementar and Middle School

Click the link or picture below to download this free PDF! History Checklist for Homeschoolers

This PDF includes many of the history units and topics we covered in our homeschool in elementary, middle school and even into high school. It also includes some of the historical skills I wanted to cover with the kids and different history teaching strategies and activity ideas. There is a list of different types of history writing assignments to do with your kids. And, there is also a more updated list with our free history notebook pages.

History Checklist for Homeschoolers - Free Printable

And be sure to visit our Hands-On Homeschooling Page with dozens and dozens of engaging activity ideas you can do with your kids!

or this Homeschool Teaching Strategies post and download this free printable:

Hands-On Activity Ideas - Homeschool Teaching Strategies - Free Printable

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