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First Grade Math 0

First Grade Math

It feels like I haven’t talked about LD’s math in a while.We worked quite a bit with our Right Start Mathcurriculum last week. Here are some things we reviewed today (using other resources): Above: Place Value to the hundreds (with a heart theme thatwe had for Valentine’s Day) Below: Number Family’s Games (These have been a hugehit with LD! Today we did 9s and 12s. Then we stoppedbecause ED was...

What a Great Addition/Subtraction Game! 0

What a Great Addition/Subtraction Game!

When I was looking around at the School Bell a couple ofdays ago, I noticed her Gameboards. What a great game! Using a deck of cards from 0 to 10 (for the 10s family or0 to 7 with the 7s family, etc. ), the player turns overa card (2) then moves his/her piece to the number thatmakes 10. So, LD in the game above is moving his pieceto the next...

Math Worksheets 0

Math Worksheets

LD has been asking (gasp!) to do these math worksheets (number families up to 18; so for the 10 family you’d have 0+10, 1+9, 2+8, etc.): Here’s another similar kind of worksheet she calls “tile cards”  (these also cover the number families up to 18). Please like & share:

Place Value (to the thousands) Math 0

Place Value (to the thousands) Math

LD really enjoys this activity. I’ve talked about itbefore, but it’s worth another mention. It’s adaptedfrom Peggy Kaye’s Games for Math. On the back of a rug, I drew a target (it’s hard tosee the target in the picture but the rug works wellbecause it has little rubber nubby things that helpstop the paper clip from sliding). The center circleis worth 1000, the next ring is 100, the next is...

Double Digit Addition Math Activity 1

Double Digit Addition Math Activity

LD has been visually working on double digit addition.We put 10 mini erasers into Ziploc bags (and stapledthem shut so ED wouldn’t get into them!). Shown here is 19 + 27. He simply lays out 19 (1 bag +9)and 27 (2 bags +7). When he counts how many singleerasers there are he exchanges 10 singles for one bag of10. With this and the exchange game LD seems to havereally grasped...


First Grade Math (addition/place value)

This post was one I wrote when my son was 6 years old. Now on to this entry… We continue to review/reinforce basic math addition facts. I made this little rocket/planet activity that LD and his friend have enjoyed. We also reviewed place value: We built the number 1783 (which separate into 1000, 700, 80 and 3 and stack on top of one another) Picture (below): I put a few 1000s together...

Math Game: Color Exchange Game (Grouping 10) 0

Math Game: Color Exchange Game (Grouping 10)

In this game you need some counters (we used coloredtiles) and a deck of cards without the jokers, 10s or picturecards. Each player takes a turn. The player turns over a cardand adds that many tiles to her paper. (DD had to addyellow tiles, I added red tiles.) After she placed her tileson the yellow paper, she had to determine if there weremore than 10 tiles. If so, she took...

Online Addition Games 0

Online Addition Games

Here are some quick online games LD has played to review his math facts the past few days (some are pretty easy, but some such as ghostblasters, you can work on any sum up to 50). Addition Games Shuttle Addition: Easy Addition GamesColor a butterfly with addition: Party Present Math: the addition balloons: Please like & share:

Christmas Math Tracks Game 0

Christmas Math Tracks Game

Because of our road trip and swim lessons, we haven’t been doingmuch in the way of academic school work lately, but I thoughtI’d share a math-game I put together this weekend.  This is a place value game I made using two sets of dominoes pictures from Both LD (6) and DD (age 4) enjoyed playing the game, thoughI only had LD tell me the number value of the dice(ie. saying...

A Place Value Game 0

A Place Value Game

Each player gets one figure (Santa, Rudolphor the snowman in each of the four colors) On the player’s turn he/she rolls all four dice and placesthe proper color on the dice board. (See 2nd picture) The player moves each of his/her Rudolphs (orSantas or Snowmen) the number of spaces indicatedby that color dice. I have my older child say one thousand, two thousand, etc.or ten, twenty, thirty, etc. as he...

Solitaire Math Game 0

Solitaire Math Game

LD enjoyed this game — this one from Games for Math byPeggy Kaye. It’s set up like a game of solitaire, but in thisversion LD had to find pairs whose sum equalled 10 (5/5,8/2, or the 10 card) The jacks, queens and kings wereremoved. Please like & share:

Turkey Math Game 0

Turkey Math Game

The kids have really enjoyed this game this week. I gotthe turkey print outs from . I used somecraft cubes and wrote numbers on the dice 0-5 on twoand 6-11 on the others. It was good practice countingfor my preschooler. I made the spinner using a templateonline which I printed on cardstock and glued on cardboard.I put a brad through (it’s sticking up a bit) and used one ofthe...

Dino Blast Game 0

Dino Blast Game

The other game we played this week was an odd-evengame called Dino Math Blast also from dice were craft cubes. I used blue, green and yellowcubes and wrote the numbers 0-5, 6-11 and 12-17. Thefirst player rolled the die of the color space they werecurrently on. If the number was odd the odd dinosaurmoved ahead one space, if the number was even theeven dinosaur moved ahead. Then it was...

Math – skip counting resources 0

Math – skip counting resources

I just posted this in one of my yahoo groups.  Just thought it might be of use to someone else (though I’ve mentioned many of these websites already!) She was asking for skip counting websites and games.  This is what I wrote: Last week I came across a wonderful resource.  It’s long list of interactive websites for playing math games online.  It’s at  I haven’t used the Internet very...