Christmas Math Tracks Game

Because of our road trip and swim lessons, we haven’t been doing
much in the way of academic school work lately, but I thought
I’d share a math-game I put together this weekend.
This is a place value game I made using two sets of dominoes pictures from

Both LD (6) and DD (age 4) enjoyed playing the game, though
I only had LD tell me the number value of the dice
(ie. saying 4,501 — four thousand, five hundred and one)

Here are a few pictures of the game board, dice and stuff.

I’ll explain how to play below.

By the way, I laminated the four Santas, Snowmen
and Rudolphs (the game pieces each player needs)
and also the dice-board (shown in the picture above).

I made our dice using colored craft cubes.  I used
the numbers 0 through 5 on each of the four dice.

I also made another “face off” die of a different color
using the numbers 0-3, 8 and 10 (to make it more

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