A Place Value Game

Each player gets one figure (Santa, Rudolph
or the snowman in each of the four colors)

On the player’s turn he/she rolls all four dice and places
the proper color on the dice board. (See 2nd picture)

The player moves each of his/her Rudolphs (or
Santas or Snowmen) the number of spaces indicated
by that color dice.

I have my older child say one thousand, two thousand, etc.
or ten, twenty, thirty, etc. as he moves those numbers of

If the player has a large number and is going to pass
another player on the board he/she can either continue
moving that number of spaces OR can stop and have a
“Face-off” with the other player using the other dice.

Using the orange die (which has numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 8 and 10)
the two players roll. Whoever has the higher number
wins the face-off and gets to go that number of spaces.

This game is similar to Dino Math Tracks Place Value Game by Learning Resources.
We have this game and I highly recommend it!

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