Math Game: Color Exchange Game (Grouping 10)

In this game you need some counters (we used colored
tiles) and a deck of cards without the jokers, 10s or picture

Each player takes a turn. The player turns over a card
and adds that many tiles to her paper. (DD had to add
yellow tiles, I added red tiles.) After she placed her tiles
on the yellow paper, she had to determine if there were
more than 10 tiles. If so, she took 10 yellow tiles OFF
the board and exchanged those for one green tile.

The first player to five green or blue tiles won the game.

This is a good for practicing numbers, counting and
one-to-one correspondence for preschoolers. It’s also
great for older kids for introducting/reinforcing the idea
of carrying/exchanging. (In the case of 27 + 6).

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This activity was adapted from Peggy Kaye’s Games for Math.
Her books (ALL of them) are wonderful, I highly recommend them
(preK-3rd grade).

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