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Turkey Math Game 0

Turkey Math Game

The kids have really enjoyed this game this week. I gotthe turkey print outs from . I used somecraft cubes and wrote numbers on the dice 0-5 on twoand 6-11 on the others. It was good practice countingfor my preschooler. I made the spinner using a templateonline which I printed on cardstock and glued on cardboard.I put a brad through (it’s sticking up a bit) and used one ofthe...

Dino Blast Game 0

Dino Blast Game

The other game we played this week was an odd-evengame called Dino Math Blast also from dice were craft cubes. I used blue, green and yellowcubes and wrote the numbers 0-5, 6-11 and 12-17. Thefirst player rolled the die of the color space they werecurrently on. If the number was odd the odd dinosaurmoved ahead one space, if the number was even theeven dinosaur moved ahead. Then it was...

Math – skip counting resources 0

Math – skip counting resources

I just posted this in one of my yahoo groups.  Just thought it might be of use to someone else (though I’ve mentioned many of these websites already!) She was asking for skip counting websites and games.  This is what I wrote: Last week I came across a wonderful resource.  It’s long list of interactive websites for playing math games online.  It’s at  I haven’t used the Internet very...

First Grade Math Games Online 0

First Grade Math Games Online

I came across this website this evening that lists some simple, but cute computer math games appropriate for first graders. I’m not that great about having LD use the computer for these kinds of things, but I think I’ll make a more concerted effort to make games like these available for him.  I think he’d enjoy them. Here are some examples of games listed at this website: 1)  Your...

Jack-o-Lantern Math 0

Jack-o-Lantern Math

We have little jack-o-lanterns and some Halloween-themedbeads that we’ve used for math in various ways. Today, DDhad to choose four cards, count out that number of beadsand put them into the jack-o-lantern. It helps with one-to-one correspondence. For LD I’ve used these same items for addition and skipcounting practice (basic mulitiplication groupings). ED just likes to put the beads into the jack-o-lantern whichI let her do if I can sit...

Workbox Activities 0

Workbox Activities

On Tuesdays, I volunteer to help with Kindergym. Wehelp set up. Even LD (who is technically too old for it) hasa good time because his buddy often stays home fromschool so they can play together. ED (20months) lovesall the equipment. Here are a few things that were in our workboxes for theafternoon — tangrams, the hundred’s board puzzle andskip counting 2 to 200 maze (which I laminated). I found the...

Skip Counting by 3s 0

Skip Counting by 3s

LD is learning to skip count by 3s. He set up the wagonsand then put groups of three mini-erasers above eachwagon. To get him familiar with the general concept ofmultiplication I talk about groups of 3 (1X3 is one group ofthree; 2X3 is two groups of three, and so forth) and had him putthe seals under the appropriate wagon wheel. wagons and seals are available at

Math — Estimation Activity 0

Math — Estimation Activity

We took a handful of mini erasers and put them on the table.Everyone had to make an estimate of how many erasersthere were in the pile. I guessed 75, LD guessed 90 andDD guessed 97, though she wrote it backwards. “Don’tLOOK!” she admonished me as she bent over her paper.It was the first time she’s ever written numbers and shestudied our numbers carefully to do it and to make herown...

Math — Place Value 0

Math — Place Value

Here are a couple of our math activities. It’s been aboutsix weeks since we last worked with place value, so we’redoing some review. We used purple dots from MontessoriMaterials (see side bar); you can print them out for free.For 1000, I put ten 100s together with a brad. In the second picture, we are using an activity fromPeggy Kaye’s Games for Learning. This is a wonderfulbook, probably one of THE...

Math Addition Fact Activities 0

Math Addition Fact Activities

LD has been working on his addition facts.  Here are some of the activities we’ve done in the past few months. We often do two or three different math activities (not necessarily all addition related) and/or our math curriculum, Right Start Math. Right Start Math has some wonderful games; I recommend their math card games set; You can check it out at;=12 if you’re interested. Pictured below is a...

More Math Addition Activities — 2 2

More Math Addition Activities — 2

Math balance from Right Start Math — my kids love to play with this;=53 LD was SO excited when he saw it out today. “Hey Mom, it checks my answers!” By the way, our dining room table is always covered in stuff… sigh… DD just loves doing math when LD has math time. She literally comes running down the hall if LD and I are going to do another...

Math Addition Activities -3 0

Math Addition Activities -3

Egg carton toss — They threw two pom-poms into the egg carton and added the numbers together. They could use the abacus if they wanted. Math Monster– (ie. Freeze Tag!) Give the child the ANSWER and spread the equations around the back yard. You are the Monster trying to freeze them before they get the correct answer. If you tag them and they think they have the right answer, they...