Math Addition Fact Activities

LD has been working on his addition facts.  Here are some
of the activities we’ve done in the past few months. We often
do two or three different math activities (not necessarily all
addition related) and/or our math curriculum,
Right Start Math.

Right Start Math has some wonderful games; I recommend
their math card games set; You can check it out at;=12 if you’re interested.

Pictured below is a card game from Right Start Math called
“Go to the Dump.” You have to make pairs that equal 10.
As you can see DD is playing too (and has joined us for
months. She’s pretty good at it too!)

I put down math footprints with addition facts covered with
contact paper in the living room. They’ve held up well for
the past two weeks (though it’s about time to take them

I loved this idea from
(and LOVE LOVE her blog!!). It’s a dice addition game
and LD has been doing it daily. It’s great for his writing
as well.

Addition problem egg hunt. The kids really enjoyed
this! I hid eggs around the room. Before they could find
the next egg they had to solve their problem (DD had to
tell me the blend sound or the number).

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