Math — Place Value

Here are a couple of our math activities. It’s been about
six weeks since we last worked with place value, so we’re
doing some review. We used purple dots from Montessori
Materials (see side bar); you can print them out for free.
For 1000, I put ten 100s together with a brad.

In the second picture, we are using an activity from
Peggy Kaye’s Games for Learning. This is a wonderful
book, probably one of THE best books in my homeschool
library (that and her other books!!). After tossing the
paper clips onto the target, LD and I had to write down
the number we got __ __ __ __. What was interesting
was that although LD can do the first activity with no
trouble, he wanted to write 2000, 400, 80, 2 — instead
of 2482. I had to remind him that each number stacks
on top of the other and the zeros “disappear.” (You
can’t really see that in the first picture, but the numbers
3000 200 80 stack on top of each other.) We’ll repeat
this one for sure!

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