Writing Journal

LD has a writing journal. Activities really vary. For
example, I’ve asked him questions like
“What did you do over the school holidays?”
“What is your favorite type of junk food?”
“What is your phone number?” and
“Look at your fingers. Your finger tips are
all different. Draw two of your finger prints
below. Label them.”

This idea below I got from Peggy Kaye’s Games for
. What a great resource! (Sorry if I’m sounding
a bit like an advertisement. Can you tell what my
pleasure reading has been lately?)

“Create a menu for the Monster
Cafe.” LD told me his suggestions, I wrote them down
for him, and he recopied them onto his own menu. So
far he has

*ant fried brains
*cooked frog brains with eyeballs
*brain ice cream
*frog toes with slug juice

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