Math — Estimation Activity

We took a handful of mini erasers and put them on the table.
Everyone had to make an estimate of how many erasers
there were in the pile. I guessed 75, LD guessed 90 and
DD guessed 97, though she wrote it backwards. “Don’t
LOOK!” she admonished me as she bent over her paper.
It was the first time she’s ever written numbers and she
studied our numbers carefully to do it and to make her
own ‘secret’ estimation.

We all worked together to count ten erasers into each cup.
When ten cups were full we poured them into a bigger
mixing bowl, then continued counting cups of 10. In the end
we had 137 erasers. Our guesses were way off but we
worked together and got some good counting practice

They loved doing this another day with Fruit Loops (which I only
use for math!!)

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We’ve also played the place value target game each day
this week. LD enjoys this, though we have to do this when ED isn’t
around because she wants to be involved, grabbing and throwing
paper clips willy-nilly!
Click for more info about the place value activity.

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