Place Value (to the thousands) Math

LD really enjoys this activity. I’ve talked about it
before, but it’s worth another mention. It’s adapted
from Peggy Kaye’s Games for Math.

On the back of a rug, I drew a target (it’s hard to
see the target in the picture but the rug works well
because it has little rubber nubby things that help
stop the paper clip from sliding). The center circle
is worth 1000, the next ring is 100, the next is 10,
the out ring is worth 1.

Each person take a turn tossing 9 paper clips
onto the rug (another person returns the paper
clips that don’t wind up on the rug for another go).
When finished and all 9 paper clips are on the target
they have to determine the number of points by
adding the number of paper clips in each section
(4 paper clips in the center circle=4000). I had
LD write down DD’s score too since she doesn’t write yet.

After two rounds, I had LD add the two digits
together to see how many total points each
person had.

Then I had him use the stacking numbers to
re-write one of the totals and had him use
stamp cards to show that number again (see
the last picture, it’s hard to explain with words).

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