What a Great Addition/Subtraction Game!

When I was looking around at the School Bell a couple of
days ago, I noticed her Gameboards. What a great game!

Using a deck of cards from 0 to 10 (for the 10s family or
0 to 7 with the 7s family, etc. ), the player turns over
a card (2) then moves his/her piece to the number that
makes 10. So, LD in the game above is moving his piece
to the next 8 on the board. It’s a great game for reinforcing
the number families and for addition and subtraction.

Below, I laid out 7 pieces. When LD turned over the
card he had to subtract that number from 7. 7-0=7, so
LD had to move his piece to the next 7 on the board.

Wow, what a wonderful (free) resource!

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