Free Clock Printable – Free Skip Counting by 5s Activities

My kids learned to skip count by 5s roughly at the same time they started working on clocks and telling time in 5 minute intervals. Today I have a free printable that combines both of these. There are two pages that have the kids practice skip-counting by fives and fill out a skip counting maze counting from 5 to 55.

Kids count by 5s along the sides and try to skip count from 5 to 55 as many times as they can in the two mazes. (See the answer sheet in the middle below.)

Free Skip Counting by 5s Worksheets and Mazes

Free-Skip-Counting-By-5s-Worksheets-MazesOnce the kids were comfortable skip counting by 5s, we started practicing reading a clock to the closest five minutes.  We made our own lift-the-flap clock.  I made a similar clock which has several options. Kids can make one with the bold numbers. Or, you can print out a dashed copy so kids can fill in the hours and minutes themselves. Third, there is a blank clock template so kids can write in all the numbers themselves.

Free Clock Printable


There is a wonderful game to practice telling time to 5 minute intervals called Stop the Clock. Kids drag the digital time to the space above the clock face.

Stop-the-ClockHere are direct links to the other levels of Stop the Clock:

Stop the Clock — Level 2 — fifteen minute intervals

Stop the Clock — Level 3 — five minute intervals (above)

Stop the Clock — Level 4 – to the minute

Stop the Clock — Level 5 — military time (such as 18:19)

This is a game from the same website called Bang on Time. Kids have to stop the clock when the minute hand reaches the time written below.

Clock-Game-OnlineSkip Counting by 5s Online Games:

Spooky Sequences (Skip Counting by 5s Game)

Skip-Counting-by-5s-GameNumber Bubble Skip CountingSkip-Counting-by-5s-Online-Game-Bubble-PopBalloon Pop Skip Counting: This one says the number aloud as you add numbers to the sequence.


Again, you’ll find both the free Skip Counting by 5s Worksheets and the Clock Printable here:

Free Clock Printable-Skip Counting by 5s


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Math Activities for PreK and KindergartenPirate-Math-Packet-Games-Worksheets-MathCards-Activity-IdeasActivities in the 65-Page Pirate Pack include

  • Month and Days of the Week Cards
  • Pirate Clocks – Match the analog clock with the digital clock
  • Make 5 and Make 10 playing cards
  • A doubling game board and game cards (1+1, 2+2… 8+8, 9+9)
  • Doubling Bump Game
  • Doubling +1 game board and game cards (1+2, 2+3… 7+8, 8+9)
  • Doubling +1 Bump Game
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  • Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen math fact cards and sorting mat
  • Skip Counting by 5s tracing sheets
  • Plus, hands-on math activity ideas (what we did when we had math time together)

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