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Greek Myths — Resources 0

Greek Myths — Resources

We read a wonderful book about the Ancienct Greek gods and goddesses of Olympus by Aliki. The book had very visual pictures that went along well with the short myths about each god or goddess. It captured LD’s imagination and he really learned a lot from its simple retelling. We read through the entire book and LD has asked me to re-read sections again. We also read the myth of...


Making Medusa Masks

Today the entire family sat down to make scary Medusa masks. LD was the only one who had the patience to glue his snakes onto the top piece. DD said to put it into her workbox for later and spent the next hour playing with the three masks she had made.

Australia pin map 0

Geography — Australian Pin Map

DD has been putting together the Australian states and territories foam map most every day (top picture). She’s very confident with that so I thought she was about ready for a pin map of Australia. I find pin maps pretty easy to make these days. I’ve explained how I make them before, but if you missed the world map post, I’ll briefly explain how again. 1) First I laminated a...

Seven Continents 0

Seven Continents

About four months ago we started really delving into worldgeography. We started with the seven continents. We got some beautiful (free) 3-part continent cards and havebeen using them in conjunction with this map I had fromteaching days (it’s from world history, the age of explorationand the kids just love the fact that people believed in seamonsters (on the map if you look closely). Anyway, we’ve learned the continent song (to...


Animals and World Geography

The continents cards (both the small and large cards in the post above)  are available in our World Animal Packet. We placed world animal cards on each continent. There are three for each continent. LD, DD and I take turns saying, “This is a __buffalo__ it lives in __North America___” and putting it on the correct continent. There is a much more recent post about Animals Around the World with...

World Geography 0

World Geography

We spend a fair bit of time learning about geography. A lotof it is incidental because we have a world map hanging on thewall behind the dining room table. LD likes to test us, “whereis South Africa? Where is Brazil?” But we also have a fewgeography activities that show up in the workboxes everycouple of weeks. Pictured below is DD (age 3) doing a continent push pin map.I printed it...

Asia Push Pin Map (in a box) 1

Asia Push Pin Map (in a box)

I don’t like this anywhere near as much as the push pin andfoam that I made (pictured above), but here is the flag andcountry matching activity. It was made with a laminatedmap of Asia taped onto of styrofoam (and placed in the boxso our toddler wouldn’t destroy the styrofoam!) We still pullthis out every few weeks. I think I got the Asia flags (free) from this site: If you are...

Country Box Exchange — China 4

Country Box Exchange — China

We did a “country box” exchange with another familywho lives and homeschools in China. The kids werevery excited to open their box of goodies. We weretruly overwhelmed by their generosity and it madeour study of China fantastic! The Chinese paper cuttings you see below are sointricate; its hard to believe they are done with scissors. In the first picture below you can see the kids are wearingscarves.  Chinese school kids...

A Study of China 1

A Study of China

LD worked very hard to put together a book on China. We have a new binding gadget and have moved awayfrom lapbooking and instead are putting pages togetherwith a comb binder. He did some sand writing (China andthe GreatWall using glue/colored sand). He did somelapbook elements (the capital of China, the flagand thingslike that). He did some Chinese writing(with the answersfolded up on the left). We read some interesting storiesfrom...