Country Box Exchange — China

We did a “country box” exchange with another family
who lives and homeschools in China. The kids were
very excited to open their box of goodies. We were
truly overwhelmed by their generosity and it made
our study of China fantastic!

The Chinese paper cuttings you see below are so
intricate; its hard to believe they are done with scissors.

In the first picture below you can see the kids are wearing
scarves.  Chinese school kids all wear different school
uniforms but all the young Chinese students (regardless
of their school) wear the red scarves.  The older students
wear green scarves.  This helps demonstrate national
unity we were told.

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  1. Angie says:

    This is just awesome! How did you do a country box exchange? This is something I'd love to do with my boys when we start studing different continents, countries, and such. Is there a group or something for this? Thanks for posting a link to your blog on the workboxes group! I'm finding just so much I can do with my boys 🙂 Thanks,Angie in KY

  2. There is a continent swap group that just formed a couple months ago — (hope that link works). This particular swap (China) I arranged with another homeschooling Mom that I "met" online.

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