A Study of China

LD worked very hard to put together a book on China.
We have a new binding gadget and have moved away
from lapbooking and instead are putting pages together
with a comb binder. He did some sand writing (China and
the GreatWall using glue/colored sand). He did some
lapbook elements (the capital of China, the flagand things
like that). He did some Chinese writing(with the answers
folded up on the left). We read some interesting stories
from activity village about the Great Wall and the Chinese
zodiac. He learned a little bit about foot binding and about
the Terra Cotta Warriors. He even got to do his own archaelogical
dig to uncover a small Terra Cotta Warrior. Then he researched
what animal each family member was based on the year
they were born. He learned about the “lucky envelopes”
given to kids at the Chinese New Year (and his contains “real”
Chinese money courtesy of our “country box” exchange) He
learned about the animals of China, learned to draw a panda,
made “moon cakes” and more! What a fun unit!

The pictures below were taken before we compiled the book.

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