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? Thank You & Happy Valentine’s Day! ?

❤️I just got the most lovely email from one of my readers. It totally made my day… and that made me think that I should write a quick note to say how much I love and value this awesome homeschool community! I started this blog way back when we lived in an isolated community (in the Australian Outback, where we lived for 12 years) that only had a one other...

Facts about homeschooling - How many homeschoolers are there Why do people homeschool What are some of the challenges of homeschooling - Do homeschoolers get into college 0

Facts about Homeschooling – How Many Homeschoolers are There? Do Homeschoolers Get into College? and more!

As people begin to look into homeschooling, they want to find out some basics: How many homeschoolers are there? What are the benefits and challenges of homeschooling?  Will my child be able to  get into college?  How will my kids do if they haven’t been to a formal school? What about socialization? Will they have enough friends? Let’s dig in to some of these common homeschool questions! How many homeschoolers...

Division Worksheet Packets - 2 pdfs with math fact worksheets - Valentines and Desert Themes 0

Division Practice Worksheets – Valentine’s Day or Desert Themed Packets

New Division Worksheet Packets! I have just added a new 20-page Division Worksheet Packet to our (growing) Multiplication & Division BUNDLE!  This huge bundle now has 20+ pdfs… with way over 300+ pages of worksheets to help your kids practice and learn their multiplication & division facts. I actually added two pdf files to the bundle… this Valentine’s Day Division Packet, but also this same set of worksheets with a...

World War I Unit with Worksheets Notebook Pages and More 0

World War I Unit

100+ Page World War I Packet We have just finished our huge study of World War I and I am finally ready to share this 100+page WWI unit with you! Our World War I Unit starts with a study of imperialism and nationalism, dives into the causes of World War I with a close look at militarism, territorial disputes, and the complicated secret alliances of this period.  We talked about...

onsonant Blend BUNDLE - S-Blends worksheets activities and games plus L-blend R-blend words 0

S-Blend Worksheets and Activities

 S-Blend Worksheets, Games and Activities This 40+ page S-Blend Activity Packet includes various worksheets, games and activities!  This S-Blend Worksheet and Activity Packet is the final set in the Consonant Blends Bundle. The other packets covered L-Blends and R-Blends. This set focuses on the S-Blends such as sc sk sl sm sn sp st and sw. There are practice worksheets that include tracing, write in the consonant blends (sc, sk,...

Coming Clean about Cleaning 0

Homeschool Life – Coming Clean about Cleaning

I like having a clean and tidy house… or rather, I dream of having a clean and tidy house, but I have always found that to be a challenge.  My friends will lovingly tell me that the house has a normal “lived in” look.  But, to be honest, it’s been a struggle over the years… Just check out this picture of our dining room table… not exactly tidy, is it?...

Preschool Activities 0

A Huge List of Activities for Ages 2-5

I know that I have a lot of readers with younger kids. I thought I would try to start writing a new weekly series to highlight some of the things we used to do when the kids were between 2 and 5-years old or so. It can be difficult to balance kids of different ages… especially when you have a rambunctious, active toddler and/or preschooler in the mix!! You can...

Civil Rights Movement Timeline Activity Notebook Pages Worksheets 0

Civil Rights Movement Materials

Hey everyone! I have a ton of Civil Rights Materials that are currently FREE to download. I think there are four separate pdfs.  I’m am trying to compile all of those pdfs/resources into one page to make it easier to access.  Since this new page won’t show up in the blog feed, I wanted to be sure to link to the new page: Key Events of the Civil Rights...

Motivation and Control 0

Exploring Motivation, Control & Decision Making with the Kids

We are always trying to encourage our kids on this wonderful homeschool journey, right?! This semester we started off with a family discussion… a discussion that I hope will get to the heart of the kids’ own motivation, self-determination and the path they’ll/we’ll be creating for this semester. You guys know it, I am a planner. I am a curriculum creator… but when it comes to the day-to-day I am...

Spanish Curriculum for Elementary Students - Elementary Spanish Curriculum 0

Elementary Spanish Program for the Homeschool Family

Spanish for Elementary Students (Join the Waitlist!) Are you looking for an Spanish program for your elementary-age student/s created by a native Spanish teacher with 20+ years of teaching experience? Want an online course that builds progressively from topic to topic? Want a program that helps your student develop a good accent? Want your child to be able to speak in sentences? I have a great recommendation for you! Enrollment...

Modern Art Packet - Impressionism and Post-Impressionism Worksheets - Interactive Notebook Activities 0

Modern Art Packet including 20+ Artists – Notebook Pages and More!

This new 25+ page Modern Art Packet is currently free to download! This packet starts with an overview of Modern Art – from impressionism, neo-impressionism & post-impressionism through fauvism, cubism… pop art and more!  We spent the most time on the impressionist and post-impressionist artists so there are a number of pages on artists such as Renoir, Monet, Degas, Casssatt, Van Gogh, Seurat and others.  The Modern Art packet also...

Homeschooling After the Holidays 0

How to Start Homeschooling After the Holidays

I am still in full holiday mode (and as I mentioned on FB, it’s after noon and I am *still* in my PJs), but I spent a little time updating this post with tips on How to Start Homeschooling After the Holidays. When (and only when!) you are ready, you can read this post here: Meanwhile, enjoy your Holiday Break! ~Liesl Please like & share:


Happy Holidays!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season!  May your holiday season be filled with wonder, joy, good health, and happy memories! ~Liesl, Tony and the Kids Please like & share:

Ultimate Hands-On Homeschooling Guide 0

Why Hands-On Homeschooling is Amazing!

Hands-On Homeschool Activities Your Ultimate Hands-On Homeschooling Guide Make Learning Memorable, Exciting, and Engaging! I wanted to let you know that I added a New Page: Hands On Homeschool Activities. This is a page (rather than a blog post), so I wanted to link to it here – for those of you who come to the blog from time to time to check out our latest posts! (As a new page,...