Ultimate Egg-Speriment Pack!

Egg-tivities to get egg-cited for Easter!!


Last year around this time we had an egg-cellent time with eggs. I wrote a series of 4 posts sharing all of our activities. At the end of the series, I put together an Egg-speriment Packet. It is 16 pages long and has 13 egg experiments and activities.  A few of the things we talked about included

  • Why are eggs shaped the way they are?
  • Why do they move the way they do?
  • Can you stand on an egg?
  • Will eggs float or sing in water?
  • Do eggs breathe?
  • How do chicks develop inside an egg?
  • Is this egg hard boiled or raw?
  • Brush your… egg

We did so many, it’s hard to choose our favorite. I’ll highlight just a couple of our favorite egg activities with pictures. Of course, you’ll find them all in our free packet (the link is below)!

Egg in a Jar Activity: We definitely loved the anticipation/excitement of this activity. EggSpect-the-UnEggSpected

To do this activity, you have to soak the egg/s for 2 days in vinegar. We used old baby food jars for this activity and the kids slowly tried to maneuver the egg into the jar. It’s one we will try again this year since only LD was successful!! And, I think we will soak two eggs for each of us to try!


Egg Drop:

The kids always love the egg-drop activity. The first time we did this activity, we were studying the brain.  I had the kids design a helmet that would protect our egg pilot in a fall. The shell, I told them, was his skull; the egg white and yolk was his brain.

Egg  Activities

Then I left the kids to it!  I just told the kids to design something to protect their egg if we dropped it off the deck.  I loved LD’s balloon idea (which worked!!) that he designed when he was 6!!


Crash Test Egg: The kids had fun trying to design a seat belt for their egg that would keep the egg safe in the long trip down our (steep) driveway!  The kids made their own pinewood derby type car and tried to design a seat belt to keep it safe.  They didn’t have very good luck, but they sure had fun!


Download our 16 page  Egg-Speriment Packet here!

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5 Responses

  1. Kim S. says:

    you may want to try this experiment to get the egg in the bottle

    If the link doesn’t work the concept is to take an empty bottle. Use a match or lighter to light a small strip of paper on fire and drop it into the bottle. Before the fire goes out set a peeled hard boiled egg over the opening of the bottle. The fire will extinguish itself due to the lack of oxygen then it will force the egg into the bottle from the suction. It starts slow then all of a sudden the egg pops through. If the opening is too small in the bottle the egg will sometimes crumble as it goes through.

    Thanks for the ideas for some great egg-speriments!

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