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Egg Experiments 5

Ultimate Egg-Speriment Pack!

Egg-tivities to get egg-cited for Easter!! Lots of Egg Experiments for Kids in this free printable!! Last year around this time we had an egg-cellent time with eggs. I wrote a series of 4 posts sharing all of our activities. At the end of the series, I put together an Egg-speriment Packet. It is 16 pages long and has 13 egg experiments and activities.  A few of the things we talked...


Egg-tivity: Seatbelt Safety to Protect an Egg

While LD was away at summer camp, the girls did a few egg-tivities of their own. First in preparation for the activity, they made their own pinewood derby cars (just kits that we got from Michaels).   Once the paint was dry and the wheels were on, I told them they had a challenge… to create a seatbelt safety system to protect an egg as the car traveled down our...

Egg-Speriment Packet - Free Egg Experiments for Kids 12

EggSperiment: Brush Your… errr… Egg (Part 4 of 4) and the Free Printable EggSperiment Pack

This activity helps kids understand how very important it is to brush your teeth every day! For this activity we chose coke, grape soda (we didn’t have any grape juice) and coffee. You can use any beverage that you think will stain your teeth.  The kids each selected two drinks and we let the eggs soak for several hours.   As the kids “brushed” their eggs, they were amazed at...