Weekend Chit-Chat

A lot of the time I share our latest homeschool activities, but sometimes I like to share a bit about what’s going on for us. 🙂 Despite the high traffic on the blog now, it’s still the place I tend to chronicle our family’s adventures!

March is usually a very busy one for our family.  A couple of weeks ago, DD had her aerials showcase. Aerials is a neat sport because it requires strength and agility.   Each year the gym she goes to has a exhibition with the other gyms in the area. She and her coaches worked out her routine together. She chose the Harry Potter Theme Song (Hedwig’s Theme). Her routine ended by sliding 25 feet down the silks and ending in a dramatic pose (not the one shown below).  It was really awesome (says her clearly unbiased Mom!!).

Yesterday were the State Championships for LD’s gymnastics.  He did really well, medaling in all six events and becoming the state champion, placing first in the All Around for his level and age group.  It was an exciting meet because he and another boy were very close most of the meet. LD ended on his worst event, but pulled it off with his best score of the season for that event!

Not to leave ED out, she is still doing rhythmic gymnastics (which is the event with ribbons, ball, hoop and clubs), but she is not competing this season. She really loves it and that’s what it’s all about, right?!


Meanwhile, I’m feeling good at the end of the weekend because I managed to get the strawberry bed completely weeded! We’re hoping for a good strawberry harvest this spring because we ran out of jam a month ago! 🙂

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